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Registration is open for Teen Battle of the Books 2016!

Teams are allowed up to five members. Team members can be from any school, any area, so long as they are in the same designated grade level.

Every team also needs a Team Manager - someone over the age of 18 who can motivate and monitor team progress, as well as assist the night of the Battle.

All teams must register by Friday, February 5th

Battle of the Books 2015 Dates:

6th Grade - Tuesday, February 23, 7:00 PM
7th & 8th Grade - Wednesday, February 24th, 7:00 PM
High School - Tuesday, March 1st, 6:30 PM

All Battles are held at Quaker Valley Middle School's Auditorium.

BOB booklists and team registration sheets are available at Moon & Sewickley libraries, at your local school library, and online.

6th Grade BOB Booklist
6th Grade BOB Team Registration Sheet

7th & 8th Grade BOB Booklist
7th & 8th Grade BOB Team Registration Sheet

High School BOB Booklist
High School BOB Team Registration Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions!
  • Do I have to read ALL the books?
    • NO! That's why you have a team! When you begin to prepare for Battle, divide up the reading list by who wants to read which books. It's never a bad thing to have two readers for some books (especially longer ones), but every reader does not have to read every book.
  • Do I have to have five members on my team? Can I have less than five?
    • You can absolutely have less than five. Most teams average between 3-4 members.
  • Can I compete by myself?
    • We do not have a rule against one-person teams, but we generally discourage participants from competing by themselves. Even the addition of one person can make such a big difference in the reading.
      • Need help with finding a team or teammates to compete with? Let Emily @ Sewickley Public Library or Heather @ Moon Township Public Library know!
  • What kinds of questions will we be asked during the Battle?
    • We ask general knowledge trivia about the books with hopes that if you've read the book, you'll feel prepared for the questions. They're not super hard or tricky but they're also not super easy. Every question has a firm, text-defined answer, but sometimes wording varies - something we try to account for in the challenges.
  •  How do I "challenge" an answer?
    • After each answer is given, we allow for challenges to clarify and possibly amend given answers. This is the team's opportunity to justify their response if they think they have a correct answer that is simply worded a little differently from the one we have given. The Team Manager working with the team is the one who handles the challenge - not the team members themselves.
    • We bring all of the assigned books with pages marked where the answers are. This allows us to review the answer and make accommodations when appropriate.

  • What if there's a tie at the end of Round Three?
    •  Tie-breaker questions are asked until the tie is broken. These are often questions based on the more challenging titles from the booklist.
    • Only the teams tied for the top three spots can take place in tie-breaker rounds.
  • What do we win???
    • Well, TRIUMPH, of course. The knowledge that you and your friends have battled in an intellectual competition and come out VICTORIOUS!
    • There are also gift cards for the top three teams. (Specific business/values TBD)
  •  My son/daughter/student wants me to be a "Team Manager" - What does that entail??
    • Very simply, a Team Manager is someone age 18 or older who comes with the team on the night of their assigned Battle. During the Battle, team managers keep score for another team (as well as assisting with challenges, turning in score sheets, etc.).
    • Before Battle, the team manager can be as active or inactive as desired. Some team managers coordinate prep sessions with the teams and ask sample questions to get them ready for battle. Some team managers read through the booklist with the team. Some simply coordinate rides to and from the Battle. 
    • Outside the night of the Battle, your level of participation as a team manager is up to you.
  • How long is Battle?
    • Just over an hour, depending on challenges and the need for tie-breaker rounds.
  •  When can I get started?
    • As soon as you want! You have plenty of time to get your team together and start reading, however, so no rush! (See above for the registration deadline and BOB dates)
  •  I'm unhappy with a BOB title selection. Whom should I contact to address my concerns?
  •  Help! I'm a part of a team that just lost two members a week before Battle! What do I do?
    • There is no registration fee or penalty for not actually participating in Battle, so if something happens and you cannot compete, that is OK. 
    • Teams are not required to compete with all members that have registered, so teams can compete even if one or two members could not make it.
    • Substitutions are totally allowed, just please let us know so that your new members get recognition!
Have a question that was not featured above? Email Emily @ Sewickley Public Library!

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